Basic Karaoke Machine with Wireless Microphone

Karaokeing is even more fun with a wireless mic! Untethered from a machine, with a wireless microphone karaoke system, singers can elevate their act to a professional performance.

Using a karaoke system with wireless microphone, singers can dramatically move around the room or perform a singing-dance hit.

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Wireless Microphone Karaoke System

The JYX Karaoke Wireless Microphone System is easy to set up and easy to use.

Featuring two wireless UHF microphones – which have a decent range – and a powerful speaker, the system is ideal for large gatherings and karaoke parties. The microphones produce crystal clear sound quality – and there is no hassle setting them up. Simply turn on the mics and the speaker and they connect automatically.

This setup, however, does not include a CD+G player, but it is enabled to play music either wirelessly or with cables. The three different ways music can be played are: USB flash drive, wired connection to TV, computer or mobile phone, or via a Bluetooth wireless connection. Find out more about finding karaoke music in our blog post, How To Find The Best Karaoke Songs.

Portable Karaoke Machine with Wireless Microphone

Both fashionable and functionable, the RHM karaoke machine is a classy setup that delivers a big sound. In fact, it often ranks as the best wireless microphone for karaoke portable set up!

The unit comes with two stylish, golden, wireless microphones that easily connect once turned on – but best of all, they produce a quality sound. They have a range of 30 feet and the rechargeable batteries last for up to 6 hours.

Meanwhile, the speaker can pump out tunes for up to 12 hours. Additional features are the carrier handle and cradle for a mobile device. In addition to singing, this system can be easily be used for presentations or speeches. Read about more ways to Use Your Karaoke Machine!

There are multiple ways to play music through the system, including Bluetooth, AUX, USB and Micro SD card.

Karaoke Machine Wireless Mic

The KaraoKing machine is 100% wireless – but still loaded with features!

Portable and compact, the system comes with two cordless microphones with individual mic controls and sound effects, speakers with incredible clarity and a flashy disco ball.

Music is streamed to the setup wirelessly via Bluetooth or SD Card (but also has a USB port) – and even has a stand for a smartphone. The latest feature is a unique vocal muting button. Rather than searching tirelessly for instrumental karaoke songs, simply play your already downloaded tunes and use the button to mute the singers voice.

All In One Karaoke Machine with Cordless Microphone

A complete karaoke microphone system, this product consists of a handheld microphone and speaker…all in one.

With speakers built directly into the cordless microphone, you can take it anywhere, with zero worries about speaker range! To karaoke, music can be streamed via Bluetooth or SD card.  The mic only weights about 1.5 pounds and features a comfortable leather handle.

Designed for superior sound quality, the mic can be used for singing or as a PA. The rechargeable batteries can last for up to 8 hours.

This affordable style machine is a great gift for karaoke lovers!

Best Wireless Microphone for Karaoke

For a full karaoke setup, the Ankuka is the best karaoke machine with wireless microphone.

The professional karaoke system features two wireless microphones with a dual mic stand, an audio mixer for special effects and sound control, USB disco lights to enhance the party atmosphere and a speaker on wheels – so you can take it anywhere!

The machine connects wirelessly to Bluetooth for music – but there is also a jack for a guitar (and even one for a third, wired mic!). Two remotes are also included with the product – one for the speaker and one for the disco light. The system can be further enhanced with fun karaoke accessories!

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