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Karaoke Machine for TV

For many people, the best way to karaoke at home is with a karaoke machine that hooks up to TV. There are a couple of different ways that a karaoke home system can connect to a television – so it is important to determine which style is the best for your needs.

A home theater karaoke system can either connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or with wired components where the karaoke machine plugs into the TV. Some home karaoke systems are designed to connect to a television either way – Bluetooth or wire.

Pro Tip: While most Smart TVs have Bluetooth capabilities, older televisions may not. However, it is fairly simple to convert any TV to Bluetooth capable with an adapter the includes audio and optical output.

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Karaoke Machine that Connects to TV

This Singing Machine model is an affordable karaoke machine that easily connects to a television.

This karaoke system for TV has nearly all of the bells and whistles of an All-in-One karaoke system, except the screen. Instead, to be able to read the lyrics, RCA cables are attached to the karaoke machine to connect to TV.

The karaoke device for TV features a CD+G player (but can also wirelessly connect to devices for streaming capability), a wired microphone and a built-in speaker. Additionally, this karaoke machine that hooks to TV also has a USB that can be used to record performances – and fun disco lights that can really get a party going!

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Home Karaoke Setup for Television

This highly-rated Karaoke Machine with Screen might also be the best karaoke machine for TV! It is a karaoke machine that plugs into TV with cables or wirelessly.

Versatility is one of the great features of this karaoke machine that hooks up to TV. It comes with a built in screen, but can also be connected to a television via Bluetooth or RCA inputs. The unit has fun lighting effects that synchronize to the music and two wired microphones. For music, the machine can connect to handheld devices wirelessly, but there is also a CD+G player (which doubles as a DVD player, too!).

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A Karaoke System for TV with Bluetooth Tech

This Rockville karaoke system for smart tv is essentially a high-powered PA system that produces quality sound, which is why it is amazing for karaoke.

The top features of the Rockville karaoke machine for smart TV are that it has a powerful speaker and comes with two quality wireless microphones. For fun karaoke effects, LED light strips are included in the package, which can be used to backlight your television.

Pro Tip: Not only is this a karaoke machine for Smart TV, but it can also be used as a computer karaoke machine, too. In fact, it can wirelessly connect to any lyric-displaying device!

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