History of Karaoke

The first singing machine was developed in Kobe, Japan in 1971. In fact, the word KARAOKE is actually a mashup of two Japanese words. KARA, from the world karappo, translates to empty. OKE, from the word okesutura, means orchestra. Karaoke tracks provide the musical background but is void of recorded singing.

Singing for Smiles

Did you know that singing is a mood lifter? Seriously, singing out loud can directly boost your happiness (and who doesn’t want to be happier!?). When you sing, it naturally releases endorphins in your body that make you more cheerful.

Some people attribute the mood enhancing effects of singing to the popularity of karaoke in Japan. Many people in Japan are stressed out and work long hours; to combat the pressure and ward off depression, they sing karaoke.

Of course, mental health isn’t the only reason people sing…it’s good for the heart and the lungs, too! But really, most people sing simply because it is a fun and enjoyable form of entertainment. And we don’t think there is anything more entertaining than an in-home karaoke machine.

Karaoke System

When Karaoke Systems were first developed, they were crazy expensive. Instead, singers would flock to smokey karaoke bars to get a few minutes with the microphone. There were even pay-by-the-hour private singing rooms where people could sing to their heart’s content.

But, as technology advances, karaoke machines have become much more affordable. It is now cheaper to buy a karaoke system for home than it used to be to rent one!

Why I Created BestKaraokeSystem.com

I’ve spent more than a few nights with microphone in hand, belting out my best version of Garth’s ‘Friends in Low Places.’ Unfortunately, I can’t carry a tune. So, when I am in the mood to sing my heart out, it’s best (for everyone!) that I do in the privacy of a home, with only friends and family to grade my performances. A Home Karaoke System is the perfect solution!

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